If you wish to know how influential microscopists' perceive your company's capabilities, products, service support, pricing, or performance in comparison to those of other manufacturers, while gaining unique insights into the trends of microscopy, then please contact InfoScience for a complete information packet.

The questions on our survey are categorized into multiple sections: Background/Demographics; STEM/TEM systems; SEM (& Microprobes) systems, Optical (CLSM & light) systems; STM/AFM; EDS/WDS analyzers; Image Analysis systems; and Accessories & Sample Preparation. Each section will have four to six questions, characterizing the current equipment line, user viewpoints, and their future purchase plans. For an example of our survey sections, contact InfoScience.

As a value added bonus, a fifteen year trend analysis will be provided, correlating the results (on key issues) from microscopists surveyed during 1988 through 2003 to this years summation. Plus you will receive cross-tabulation of each question by manufacturer as well as by industry segment.

An additional (optional) benefit are custom (Create Your Own) questions incorporated into the survey - the answers to which only you will receive. This participation is extremely limited and will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

To obtain further information on the survey please contact Infoscience.

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